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Code of Conduct

There are a few rules that are expected to be followed by members of this site. Nothing too strict, and most of this goes without saying. However, in the best interest of uniformity, these rules are detailed below.

Code of Conduct


If there's something that you're uncomfortable with on this site, contact the Administrator (Fisherman), or one of our Moderators (CrazyCatLady, Smartin, ZeldaFoot) about it.

Abuse of another member, moderator, or the administration is not allowed.

It is not allowed for anyone to make a post that blatantly invalidates a requester's HIT.

Language. we don't mind an occasional "damn", or "hell", but that's about as far as we should take it.


There are several particularly bad attitudes that should not be displayed on the forum, or in communication with forum members and administration. Some of these may be grounds for termination of membership if taken too far. Chief among these are:


Indignance : anger or scorn aroused by something felt to be unfair, unworthy, or wrong.


Insulting : disrespectful or scornfully abusive.

Prohibited Topics


Conversations of a financial nature are strictly prohibited on the site. Nothing you do on this site will get you removed more quickly than making private financial conversations public. This pertains specifically to personal business, and to business between the Site and a member or members. It specifically does NOT pertain to talk about things like “how much a requester is paying” or “what kind of bonus you got” “monetary goals”, or anything of that nature. If you have a financial trade of any kind with a member, contact them directly. If you have a financial concern with The OTTO Forum (TOF), contact us directly. NEVER take such business public.


Absolutely no politics, there's plenty of other boards for that. We help each other make money through HITS and serve as a community.


Posts that are deemed by the Administration to be of a Grossly Offensive Nature, even including a posted HIT, will be edited, and even deleted, as is fitting. This is done as little as possible, and it has very rarely been necessary.


Allowed Topics


It's absolutely fine to make small talk, and to alert the membership to important news in our society.


By the way, this site isn't just about Mturk. We'll be just as happy to get a hit from Prolific, Connect, or anywhere else for that matter; and we welcome discussion towards that end.


Starting a New Day’s Thread (DHT)


Anyone may start a new Day’s DHT. Nobody is to post a new DHT until at or after midnight central time each day (which is 1am eastern, 10pm pacific). Any DHT that is posted before that time, but after the original DHT is put up will be taken down. Repeat violations (how many to be determined by administration) will result in a warning, then a temporary suspension, then a permanent ban.


All DHT’s may be named whatever the starting member wishes (within the bounds of decency). However, this should always be followed by the date in the format of (Month, Date, Year)




Any threat made against a moderator, or registered user of this site, whether made openly in a post or by private message will be considered to be a threat against the site and its administration. Anyone found in violation of this rule will be banned immediately.


Discipline in the form of temporary suspension, or permanent expulsion is rarely, and sparingly exercised…and only after careful deliberation.


Registration / Location


During registration, users are asked their whereabouts. Those, whose answers do not corroborate with information from their IP, will not be allowed membership. In such cases, an email will be sent to the potential applicant requesting clarification.




Soliciting business on this site is prohibited without prior permission being granted. Permission may only be granted by the Administration, and Moderators will be made aware of who has this permission. If you desire to solicit business on the board, please ask before doing so, and on a case by case basis.


Paid Membership


A membership at The Otto Forum is considered a privilege that should be valued. At any time, membership is limited to approximately 1000 members. So, be advised that while here, you are a part of an exclusive group.


There are several Tiers of membership available to this group. Some of these require fee payment on a monthly basis for advanced features ( such as Otto ).


Payment of monthly fees does not in any way excuse a member from compliance with any other rule of conduct.


A member found in blatant and repeated violation of the rules of conduct may be expelled from the membership regardless of their payment status...even a LifeTime Membership and no refund will be given.


This section may be updated as we go along and new issues present themselves.


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