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What is the Mechanical Turk Dashboard Enhancer & What Does It Do ?

The mTurk Dashboard Enhancer is a script that adds a few very useful features to your mTurk Dashboard. It may be added to your system by visiting TOOLS and clicking on the appropriate download link in the scripts chart. (as with any script, installation of a script receptacle such as TamperMonkey will be necessary before downloading any script)

On the left, you can see what is the right column of the standard mTurk Dashboard. It shows the day's current earnings, number of Hits approved, Approval Rate, Number of Hits Pending approval, your total number of Rejected Hits, and your overall Rejection rate.

On the Right, you can see the additional features that are included after installing the Dashboard Enhancer. The enhancements include : Projected Earnings for Today Total of all Bonuses received Today A list of Requesters you submitted work for today How many Hits you submitted for each of these Requesters How much you earned from each of these Requesters All of your statistics are refined to the 4th digit Your approval rate upon approval of all pending Hits Your approval rate if all your pending Hits are rejected How many rejections if would take to move your Rejection Rate below 99% How many rejections if would take to move your Rejection Rate below 95% If you'd like to view this article in video format, please feel free to watch this, and our other videos...

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