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OTTO is a revolutionary new application that can not only make you more money from Mechanical Turk, but change the way you work as well.
OTTO is a Chrome Extension that searches for Hits in much the same way that a scraper would, and automates the placement of Hits into your work queue in much the same way that Panda Crazy currently does. It searches for Hits, and filters them according to pay amount and other criteria. When it finds a Hit that meets your criteria, it places it into your work queue, opens a new tab for the Hit, and notifies you with a sound.

You don't search for Hits anymore. You don't spend hours staring at a scraper. You just spend your time working...instead of looking.

How Much Does OTTO Cost ?

Currently, a monthly subscription to OTTO is $18

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It's More than Hits...OTTO Makes mTurk Work Fun Again

OTTO frees you up from staring endlessly at a scraper in hopes of catching Hits, or Pandas. You just set it, and walk away. Work at your own pace, make more money. OTTO makes mTurk the way it should have been all along.

Does OTTO Violate mTurk Policies ?

OTTO operates in accordance with mTurk’s policies. It does not attempt to complete Hits on your behalf. It does not assist in the completion of Hits at all. It does not submit Hits for you. It merely places Hits of your choice into your work que. This is exactly what Panda Crazy currently does...but OTTO performs this task more gracefully, and in connection with its own scraper.

There are other Applications like this out there. Why should I use this one and not another's ?

Yes, there are..and some of them are pretty good. With The OTTO Forum, you always know where you can find us. Our platform, consisting of hundreds of SuperWorker members, is always there to help...and you can always get a reply directly from us in a short amount of time. We work on mTurk every day, year-round. We're known as the most friendly mTurk user forum on the web.

How Can I Get OTTO ?

OTTO is an exclusive The OTTO Forum application and is included in paid Tier membership packages. It is intended that OTTO be used only by TOF members and every effort to ensure this will continue going forward.

If you're not yet a member at the TOF Forum, click the link in the navigation bar above and then register by following the link at the top right of any forum page to register.

If you already have a Tier 3  membership, you don’t need to do anything. Your link, instructions, and User-Specific Passphrase will be sent to you very soon.

If you're not yet a member of The OTTO Forum, join us. We're the friendliest mTurk worker forum on the web.

If you have a Tier 1 membership level, you need to upgrade this to Tier 3 in order to use OTTO. To upgrade your membership level, fill out the online form by clicking the “see more” link in the “Upgrade Your Experience (and your earnings)” message near the top of any page of our site.


You must maintain your Tier 3 membership or higher to continue to use OTTO. OTTO’s passphrases will be monitored and updated on a random basis to ensure that only those with legitimate access are using it. Do not share your passphrase with anyone. IP addresses will also be monitored and attempts to circumvent the proper usage of OTTO may result in a loss of membership.

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